Guesthouse Hajimari is grateful for the continued support it receives from its guests. Of the 1,092 nights booked in the first 9 months since its opening, 24%※1 were repeat guests and this number increases further to 49%※2 for the most recent 3 months.
From our guests' feedback※3 , let's find out why they keep choosing us over the many other accommodation facilities.

  • Of the 1,092 nights booked from our opening to June 2020, 262 nights were with returning guests.
  • Of the 235 nights booked between April and June of 2020, 115 were by returning guests.
  • Excerpts from our guest book at the reception as well as from reviews published on Rakuten Travel, Jalan, Yahoo! Travel,, and Google.
  • The above is based on data from July 2020 but the results are practically the same for March 2021.

Clean and thoughtful equipment
to provide comfort

  • The kitchen can be used for cooking and is ideal for longer stays.

    Male in his 30s - BusinessFrom Google
  • The duvet was really soft and comfortable.

    Elementary school student - TourismFrom the guest book
  • The sheets were clean and the duvet was light and soft for a great night's sleep! I think women will feel safe staying here too.

    Female in her 30s - TourismFrom Yahoo! Travel
  • It may be just a matter of course, but the place was cleaned from corner to corner every day allowing for a comfortable stay.

    Male in his 30s - BusinessFrom Google

A nostalgic, old folk house
where guests feel at home

  • Literally a "home". A kind of place where you just feel at ease, at home. It filled my tired mind with a sense of warmth.

    Female in her 30s - TourismFrom Jalan
  • It felt just like going back to my parents' house, I felt safe and could really relax!

    Male in his 20s - BusinessFrom
  • The room had a good mood and was nicely furnished!

    Female in her 20s - TourismFrom
  • It felt I had come home, making me feel both safe and relieved.

    Male in his 50s - TourismFrom Jalan

Travel advice catered to your needs from
the owner who knows the ins and outs of the local area

  • The owner is young but very caring and willing to give advice on various subjects.

    Female in her 60s - TourismFrom Yahoo! Travel
  • It was my first time in Kashihara and I had no local knowledge but the owner was really friendly and helpful, teaching me all kinds of things with great care.

    Male in his 30s - BusinessFrom the guest book
  • He remembered what I had shown an interest in from a previous conversation and actually gave me relevant recommendations leading to yet another great memory.

    Female in her 30s - TourismFrom
  • As a tourist only staying for a short time, I was grateful for the owner's devotion to fostering local knowledge and providing the best up to date recommendations.

    Female in her 50s - TourismFrom Jalan

A perfect location
for both business and sightseeing

  • The purpose of my trip was to visit Nara city and Hase-dera temple for sightseeing so the guesthouse's location was ideal as a stop between the two.

    Female in her 20s - TourismFrom Rakuten Travel
  • A great location where you can enjoy sightseeing as well as aspects of a country life with farm-fresh produce and public baths. On the day of arrival, I went sightseeing on a bicycle to Kashihara Jingu Shrine and near the summit of Mt. Kagu, also known as Mt. Amanokaguyama.

    Female in her 40s - TourismFrom Jalan
  • The place is easy to find and can be reached by walking in a straight line from the station. There are no steps so it's a breeze even with luggage.

    Female in her 30s - TourismFrom Google
  • My work often takes me on overnight trips to Osaka and Nara and so I have stayed at many places but I can't find anything to complain about this place.

    Male in his 50s - BusinessFrom

Never changing
affordable prices

  • I was grateful to be able to find accommodation at a reasonable price during the busy end of year period.

    Female in her 30s - TourismFrom
  • Great value for your money!! The price was cheap and that's always a plus.

    Male in his 30s - BusinessFrom

Best for the following


  • If you want to efficiently visit all the temples, shrines, burial mounds and historic sites in Nara.
  • If you want to enjoy all the popular local food, drinks and sweets.
  • If you want to spend a relaxing moment as if living in the countryside.
  • If you enjoy freedom in your travels and don't plan in advance.


  • If you want to keep accommodation expenses down for your business trips without compromising on cleanliness and a good night's sleep.
  • If you feel like hotels are too expensive when all you need it for is to sleep.
  • If you are a freelance worker or self-employed and want to keep business trip costs down.

Other uses

  • If you have early morning business in central to southern Nara.
  • If you want somewhere other than your parents' house to sleep in when visiting your hometown.
  • If you want to enjoy some drinks in the bars near Yamato-Yagi Station without having to worry about missing the last train.
  • If you want to set out early in the morning for a camping and outdoors trip in southern Nara.
  • If you enjoy the atmosphere of guesthouses and like interacting with people.
  • If you're considering a move to Nara or the Kinki region.